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FAQ- When to book a Senior session?

This can be a little bit tricky of a question to answer. Many Seniors are thinking about the seasons when it comes to their session and the clothes they want to wear. Honestly, every season is the perfect season! Fall and Winter are cooler seasons but layering is always so pretty in photos! But there's the issue of "last minute" Seniors wanting to get their photos done in the Spring before below why!


A: Your session date is very important to me and when you book your session really does matters. Not only does each season have different looks, booking early (Summer & Fall) will ensure quick turn around times, receiving prints quickly, and faster service. When you book later in the season, closer to graduation with the last minute crowd, you run the risk of receiving products at later times then stated above. I still try to keep my turn around time as fast as possible but when the products and editing is bottle necked during the Spring it really slows the process down because you are put in line with the clients ahead of you.

Plan ahead and don't book your Senior session two weeks before graduation and hope that you get your images and graduation announcements in time. I understand that Spring time is popular for the weather and the green grass and wildflowers. But Fall and even winter sessions can be just as beautiful with the rich warm colors and the ability to play with layering clothes.

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Drew N
Drew N
Sep 09, 2021

Nice blog thanks foor posting

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