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Hi, I'm Heather!


  My love for photography started in high school, I picked up my mom's camera and took photos of everything around our property of 6 acres....and I haven't put a camera down since. I then went on to receive my Bachelors degree in Studio Art & Photography in 2014.

After College graduation,I pack up my 4runner and moved to Texas to further my career in photography. Never in a million years did I think, I would end up way out here in little ole Howe Texas.


Photography brought me to Texas, but meeting my husband made it Home.

I live the simple life in a little farm house with my husband & our two girls

& I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love sitting on our back porch with a glass of wine.... in my rocking chair

(yes I'm 31, not 101 I swear!)

I prefer books over the movies

&I am the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan

( I mean nerd! ) you will ever meet!

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