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Dubsado // My #1 business tool! // Must have

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Dubsado is by far the best Client Management System for my photography business! For years I did everything by HAND!! It was so hard to stay organized when I was communicating with clients over email, texts, facebook messages, Instagram DM, and more! It was always so overwhelming and i'm sure I some amazing potential clients in the mix of the mess.

So, if you’re a photographer and you don’t have a client management system/program, well…you’re crazy!!! Stop waisting SO MUCH TIME and MONEY! Dubsado is literally a life saver!

Here are a few of my favorite features of Dubsado!


Everything is in ONE PLACE Y'ALL!!

Sending emails, forms, contracts, invoices, questionnaires! No more searching through my gmail inbox trying to find something! So the moment a client submits an inquiry through my contract form from my website, it automatically is linked to Dubsado! That potential new client is now in you're address book and Dubsado has created a "lead" for you! A client is considered a "lead" until they are booked and signed as a client, then they are now a "job" That is another cool feature Dubsado has, it keeps your paid clients and potential client separate and organized!

From there I know where each "lead" and "job" is and what the next step is for each of them. I can see what client has an outstanding balance or contract that needs to be signed, or a follow up email that needs to be sent. There are also read receipts, so you know when they have seen an email or form that you sent over.


Automation & WorkFlows

I think this has been the biggest time saver and made the biggest difference! I can take on more clients and not get over whelmed!

When someone sends in an inquiry on my website, my workflow will automatically send them a pricing guide to what session they were interested in getting more info on. I love this because I don’t have to be checking my email every 20 minutes, refreshing it to see if a new inquiry has come in.

From there I can have a different workflow for my Brides and Seniors and so on. With different typed of emails and forms that need to be sent over.

For an example, A client completes a wedding inquiry form, well Dubsado can then send them an invoice and contract, then after the contract is filled out and it then sends them over a questionnaire, if you have it in your workflow! These workflow are what you want them to be and what you want to be sent out and when.


Client Portals offer this to clients Why should we be the only ones with the convenience of having everything in one place and no endless scrolling and searching our email inboxes?! Well now our clients do as well!! This portal is a place specifically for them! You can easily set up and send them their personal portal link and password. Here they will see all of the contracts, forms, questionnaires, and corresponding emails. It is so cool to be able to offer this to my clients.

Great Customer Service Team
When I was first starting out and pretty much had no idea what I was doing, I was SOOO impressed with Dubsado's customer service, they have a page where you can literally find multiple answers to what you're looking for. I have never met a customer service team that does a better job than Dubsado. Seriously, they even have a Facebook group page for their users where you can ask questions but their help center on their site is by far the best I have ever come across. The best part? They actually listen to feedback they get form their users.
Free Trial!
This is what I might have fallen in love with from the start! You get a free trial of 3 clients before you need to join! So I was able to fully customize everything and get the hang of using Dubsado before I needed to start a membership! I didn't feel rushed of having a 30 day deadline. You can start linking your lead form and get clients when you feel ready! Plus I may have pretended it be a client or 2 as well to see how it all worked and practiced sending items over. :)
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