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Other than photography, I'm also passionate about teaching, mentoring, and creating community. I have spent 5+ years going through trial + errors, and learning on my own as well as some help from peers, on how this industry works and the technical aspects of photography. I would love to share what I've learned to help you grow in this awesome business! 

Who: anyone aspiring to do wedding or portrait photography whether you are a beginner or intermediate photographer


What: 1 have 3 different types of mentoring sessions that I offer.

1.Q&A  in person sit down session on one shoot with me

3. The whole shebang where we shoot then sit down, cull/edit and chat


When: I offer mentoring session any time of the year! Let’s pick a day we are both free and do this thing!


Where: I am located in North Texas! The Q&A and shoot out will take place in Howe Texas


Why: I have been doing professional photography for 6 years now and I wish that I had someone to mentor me when I first started. I will be an open book and spill all my knowledge to you! Learning how to better your photography and business is such a good investment!


Mentor sessions are designed to fit your needs and cover topics where you aim to grow and evolve. 

-Coffee Date: $150

1 hour session. Ask me anything! Let’s meet up at my local coffee shop in Van Alstyne and chat!

I will answer all of your questions and help create an action plan for you going forward, based on YOUR goals, so you know what’s the next step to take in achieving them! 

I can teach you everything from movement based shooting + prompts, to social media + branding + marketing + pricing + creating an amazing client experience. To business + targeting your dream client + editing+ workflows+gear+programs

 This meeting is catered to YOU & want you feel like you need help with or an area you want to improve in!

-Shoot with me: $375

Let’s set up a 1 hour session where I will guide you through and teach you as we shoot!

It’s a hands on experience! You’ll get to shoot a real senior/ couple alongside me! Watching how I direct and position myself as I work with the light.

You get to shoot too and ask questions along the way!

You will be leaving with some amazing images to add to your portfolio! You will get a PDF file of my fave prompts and poses 

Learn how to pose + interact with client. If you are a beginner this is a great opportunity for you to learn to work with light, shooting settings, and basic photo composition. & amazing photos for your portfolio!

-The Whole Shebang: $500

We will start with the 1-2 hour shootout session where where I will guide you through and teach you as we shoot! Then after we will hit your favorite place to snag food & sit and chat about anything for 1 hour where we can work on culling and I can help you with editing! And answer all the questions you have along the way! 


Here is a list of my go-to gear! 

The Client management system I use!  get 20% off their your first month!

The Program I use to deliver images to clients! get One month free! 

The backpack I use to carry both camera bodies and all my gear is from Connie & Co

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