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Lake Texoma Elopement // Texas Wedding Photographer // Heather Buckley Photography

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Are you a bride in the middle of wedding planning and feel overwhelmed with finding vendors, trying to narrow down the guest list, and you have lists everywhere?! have you thought about just throwing them out and eloping?! I know that sounds kinda scary!! But just imagine you and your groom with your super close family/friends at an AMAZING location, it is a super intimate day with your loved ones, no stress and no crazy amount of planning!! You can elope and still have the wedding of your dreams and feel like a bride! When people think of eloping the first thing that comes to mind is the courthouse, boring building and no excitement. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Picture a gorgeous lake at sunset, with the shoreline lapping at your feet and epic caves for your bridal portraits! That can easily be you!

You can literally go wherever your hear desires! & guess what, i'm up for going on an adventure and finding you the perfect spot to say I DO!

& you don't even need to drop thousands of dollars on a dress if that isn't a huge important thing for you to have. You can RENT, yes I said RENT, a dress for $5-$200!! Opal and June is one of my favorite places I recommend for renting a dress! They have party dresses as well as high end gowns and wedding dresses!! That is what this bride is wearing! You can rent the dress as well as a veil and other accessories and props for your day! Seriously go check them out RIGHT NOW!!

Go check out my affordable pricing for elopements! CLICK HERE!

Lets go somewhere epic to have your ceremony!! Must be less than 30 people and small to no wedding party

Florals by @Lucyroseflowerco

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