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Have you heard?!

It's that time of year again! I like to write a blog post to help y'all learn more about me about once a year. & a lot has happened since last years post! :)

Yepp! You guessed it i'm a brunette again!!! ....JK....IM ENGAGED & getting married to this handsome southern gentlemen THIS JUNE! .... It's not the most recent new since he proposed last July. But for clients I haven't seen for a while and new clients it is


If y'all have booked a session at the "Howe Homestead" you know, that the little white house on gorgeous land is our home :) Cliff bought the property 5 years ago and I moved in about a year ago & started photographing clients here. So OF COURSE when I scheduled our engagement portraits with our amazing wedding photographer I had to have her come out to this special place we call home and capture these images!

Alrighty so now that you have been caught up on the most important and exciting news lets get to some fun random things about me.

-We have 4 children....who happen to be 2 bloodhounds, 1 Pomeranian, and the new addition -1 tuxedo kitten! :P

-If you haven't noticed by now, I have one favorite pair of boots I wear almost every day.....My white arrow stitched Justins. I always joke that If I were to rename my photography business, it would be to "White Boot Photography"

I am ALWAYS in them! .....I'm currently about to purchase another pair that's the exact same haha

- & Yes, I am legally changing my name to Heather Askins after the wedding but don't fret, Heather Buckley Photography will stay the same :) I can't go confusing everyone now!

- May & June don't have the usual amount of available dates because that's WEDDING TIME! I will be traveling to Ca for the fun stuff, bachelorette and bridal parties in May. Then the wedding and honeymoon will take up a lot of June :)

Cliff is a pretty awesome landscape photographer! & he also assists me with weddings! But on the everyday basis he is a Real Estate agent for Collin and Grayson County! It is a family run company. Check them out! Askins Realty Group! :) If you are looking to buy or sell your home, they give back some pretty great rebates to their clients.... just sayin ;)

I hope this helps y'all feel like you know me a little better :) I don't want to be some mystery lady behind the lens :P I love getting to know my clients and forming friendships!

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